The Keuris Quartet (KQ) is an international saxophone quartet, specialised in the interpretation of classical contemporary music. After having won the First Prize at the 1st Strasbourg International Saxophone Quartet Competition in 2015, the KQ gained international recognition, and is considered as one of the brightest saxophone quartets nowadays. Individually, the members of the KQ are also prize winners of both national and international competitions in Russia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Argentina.

Being all graduates of the Conservatory of Amsterdam and former students of the legendary saxophone teacher and artist Arno Bornkamp, these four young saxophonists from different parts of the world were united by their passion for performing contemporary music. The Quartet is named after the Dutch composer Tristan Keuris (1946-1996), whose oeuvre includes two highlights of the contemporary saxophone quartet repertoire. The KQ was founded in 2013, and is based in Amsterdam.

The main aim of the quartet is to bring contemporary music to a broader audience. Therefore, they always try to place their program into a context that makes the music and its emotions easy to perceive. Great examples are their projects ‘’War & Peace’’ (Grachtenfestival 2015, Amsterdam), and “Sound of Running” (Festival Classique, The Hague 2014, in collaboration with Fake-duo and Dagmar Slagmolen). Usually their concerts are full of interaction with the audience, free improvisation and they use all the available space as part of their show. As a consequence, every performance of the KQ is a unique event tailored to fit the venue and its audience. 

Evgeny Novikov (soprano saxophone, Russia / France)

Evgeny is the primarius of our quartet. His roots lie in the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia (Russia). Therefore, he brings his typical Russian feeling for long and deep melodic lines to the sound of the quartet.

He enjoyed his musical education first in Novosibirsk and later in Saint-Maur, Versailles, Paris (France), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Currently, he is part of a post-graduate contemporary music program at the CNSM de Paris, and regularly performs on international stages. Evgeny has participated in music festivals across Europe, as well as in Russia, Canada, South Korea and Argentina. He regularly gives master classes.

1st prize, Strasbourg International Saxophone Quartet Competition, Strasbourg, France
1st prize, Concours International de Saxophone, Dreux, France
6th prize, 5th Adolphe Sax International Competition, Dinant, Belgium


Stefan de Wijs (alto saxophone / the Netherlands)

Although the quartet is based in Amsterdam, Stefan is the only Dutchman of the KQ. He plays the alto in the quartet and writes all the arrangements that the KQ performs. He has studied the saxophone at the conservatories of Tilburg, Lyon and Amsterdam. At the Conservatory of Amsterdam he obtained his master degree.

His international career as a musician brought him to festivals and concert halls in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Tunisia. Besides his activities as a saxophone player, he also works as a conductor and as a teacher.

1st prize, Strasbourg International Saxophone Quartet Competition, Strasbourg, France
1st prize, Prinses Christina Concours, ’s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
1st prize, 10th International Music Competition Premio Citta di Padova, Italy
De Link Prijs 2012, an award for interpreters of contemporary music, Tilburg, the Netherlands  


Michal Grycko (tenor saxophone, Poland / the Netherlands)

Lyricism and creativity – these two words best describe our irreplaceable tenor player. After his high school musical education in Poland, he spent his entire conservatory studies in Amsterdam with Arno Bornkamp.

Besides his great ear for musical art, he has a good eye for visual arts as well. He is our very own designer, photographer and video-artist. Moreover, his biggest passion is creating a synthesis of arts through the combination of music, dance and video.

1st prize, Strasbourg International Saxophone Quartet Competition, Strasbourg, France


Juan Manuel Dominguez (baritone saxophone, Argentina / the Netherlands)

Juan gives the quartet some Latin temperament that makes the quartet swing and dance on stage. As the bass in the ensemble, he is also the voice which we all build upon. With his relentless feel for rhythm he guides us through all tricky passages.

He studied at the conservatories of Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. Juan is in a very high demand in the Dutch chamber music scene. Besides his work with KQ, he also plays with many other remarkable ensembles in the Netherlands and abroad.

1st prize, Bienal Juvenil Competition, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1st prize, Musica en Plural Competition, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1st prize, Concurse del Ocho, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
1st prize, Strasbourg International Saxophone Quartet Competition, Strasbourg, France